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Purification window

Yanxin Environmental Science & Technology Co., Limited
Electric driven clean room window with fog effect
Switchable Transparent Film (also known as Polymer Dispersed
Liquid Crystal) is a new electronic light control product, the
theory is to fll liquid crystal/polymer mixture into two
transparent conduictive film, when the electric field is not
in effect, the controller puts the film in foggy effect status,
when the electricity is on, the liquid crystal molecules are
arranged in a certain order, at this time the conductive film
will change its color from fog effect (OFF status) to
transparent(ON status). By switch the electric field, it can
realize the quick switch of ON and OFF status. When the power
is off, the film appears in milk white color,when the power is
on, the color is transparent. In ON status, the light
transmittance should be no less than 75%. The transmittance
will be no more than 2% in OFF status.
Production range:
Width: 300MM <W <2400MM
Height: 400MM <H <2500MM
Applicable for:
Office area, meeting room and monitoring room separation.
1.Privacy protection: quick response, it can realie the fog
efct in 1/10 second.
2.Safety protection: the conductive film is hardly glued in
between two gasses. Even the glass was broken during impact,the
glass fragment will be attached on the middle conductive film,
it can not be flashed out to hurt the operator.
3.Node rrangement: only when power is on, the film is
transparent, others not. When protecting the privacy, the
lightis sill sufficient and saves the energy.
4.Sound insulation: the conductive film in between the glasses
has the function of sound damping, it can ffctively damp the
noise of 38 dBa.
5.Energy saving: the thermal insulation can achieve class 2 or
Window with built-in electric blind
The theory ofwindow with manual magnetic builtin blind is to
use the DC motor to drive the movement of blind instead ofthe
manual way. It provides more easier and flexible operation.
This kind ofin-built blind can use aluminum/wood/PVC in
dfferent colors to make the leaf. This blind can rllover the
leaves automaically, this can adjust the indoor natural
lighting more accurately.It adopts the hi-tech magnet
induction drive system, that makes the movement ofleaves more
Size linitation:
Width: :300MM<W<2400MM
Height: 400mm<H<2500MM
Applicable for:
Office building. neeting room,
sports stadiun and apar tnent
Applicablo for:
Office building. meeting room,sports stadium and apar tnent
Window with manual magnetic built-in blind
The theory ofwindow with manual magnetic bultin blindis to use
the principle of bridge balance, use the manual sliding
block(strong magnet inside) to drive the blind movement (up,
down and rll). Comparing with the ordinary manual blinds,its
advantage is ithas vertical diretion movement, with good air
tightness, fledl with nitrogen to avoid the internal waterfog.
Comparing with the electric blinds, it has less failures and
longer service life.
Size limitation
Width: 300mm<W<1500mm
Height :400mm<H<2500mm
Purification window has main categories by the materials
aluminum aly frame and stainless
steel frame and one time molding steel frame; by the corer shape:
round cormner and square
corner. All the purification windows are with double layer
glasses and vacuum inside, this provides
good air tightness and thermal performance.
Applicable for:
Office bui Iding. meting foom,sports stadiun and apartment