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Sulfuryl chloride manufacturers

Chaoyang Kim Tae technology limited liability company established in June 2017, Our company is
with Chaoyang JINDA group cooperative investment a professional Chinese Sulfuryl Chloride
Suppliers and Sulfuryl Chloride factory which engaged in liquid sulfur dioxide, sulfuryl chloride
(sulfonyl chloride)production, energy saving and environmental protection, modern high-tech
private enterprises.Sulfur dioxide can be used in preservatives, wine, reducing bleach, sulfuric
acid production, refrigerant and urban sewage dechlorination etc.. Sulfuryl chloride (sulfonyl
chloride) can be used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dyes and surfactants etc.Contact
for the latest Sulfuryl Chloride price now.
Contact Details
Chaoyang Kim Tae technology limited liability company
Add:NO.1 C,Xiaotao Villaga,Shuangta District,Chaoyang City,Liaoning Province,China
Tel: +86-0421-3901555
Phone: +86-15951923129
E-mail: [email protected]
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