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Apple Worth 1 Trillion Dollars

Apple Worth 1 Trillion Dollars
Apple has become the first US company to reach a market value of 1 trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) . The hi-tech firm has
beaten its rivals Microsoft, Google and Amazon to pass the magical mark. Apple’s stock is now worth $207 per share, an all-time high. If
it were a country, Apple would rank 17th in the world, on par with Indonesia. Before Apple, only China’s oil giant PetroChina made it over the
1 trillion dollar mark back in 2007. It’s value declined sharply shortly afterwards when oil prices collapsed. Apple was founded in 1976 in
a California garage by Steve Jobs. In the first two decades the company was famous for producing computers. Later on
Apple developed its revolutionary MP3 player, the iPod, which also saved the company from bankruptcy 20 years ago. The iPhone, the
world’s first smartphone, was introduced in 2007 and has become the company’s flagship product. Up to now over 1.3 billion iPhones have
been sold. Although Apple is currently selling fewer new models, sales and profits are rising. It is also making money by selling music and
apps. In 2017, Apple has made profits in the range of $50 billion, selling over $220 billion worth of products .Apple may soon be joined in
the 1 trillion dollar club by other hi-tech giants . Amazon and Microsoft are close to the mark and may be passing it soon.
Airplane seat cameras: US senators demand answers
Concerns about cameras fitted to airplane seats have prompted two US senators to demand that airlines clarify how the devices are used.
Senator Jeff Merkley -- the Oregon Democrat who recently announced his decision not to run for presidency in 2020 -- and Republican John
Kennedy, from Louisiana, have written a bipartisan letter to several major airlines requesting answers.
The letter was in response to CNN Travel reporting on the issue after malware researcher Vitaly Kamluk tweeted Singapore Airlines when
he spotted what appeared to be a camera lens built into an inflight entertainment (IFE) screen.
Singapore and other airlines contacted about the devices have denied using them to monitor passengers.
Tech experts, however, have raised concerns about whether the cameras could be hacked.
"While Americans have an expectation that they are monitored in airports as a necessary security measure, the notion that in-flight cameras
may monitor passengers while they sleep, eat, or have private conversations is troubling," the senators' letter says.
"Further, in light of data breaches that have impacted many major airlines, we have misgivings that cameras or sensors may not employ the
necessary security measures to prevent them from being targeted by cybercriminals."
The senators have addressed their letter to the CEOs of American carriers Delta, Southwest, Frontier, United, Spirit, American, JetBlue and
Alaska Air. They ask each airline to answer a series of questions about the existence of the seat back cameras.
The congressmen want to know whether each airline uses cameras to monitor passengers, under what circumstances the cameras could be
activated and whether passengers are informed of this practice.
All the airlines contacted by CNN Travel in early March said the cameras are dormant.
American Airlines told CNN Travel in early March that cameras are "a standard feature," but not activated and that the carrier has no plans
to use them.
"These cameras have been intended by the manufacturers for future developments," said Singapore Airlines, in a statement provided to
CNN Travel earlier in March. "These cameras are permanently disabled on our aircraft and cannot be activated on board. We have no plans
to enable or develop any features using the cameras."
Nevertheless, the senators remain concerned and have requested further information -- describing the potential use of undisclosed cameras
as "a serious breach of privacy."
Merkley and Kennedy also demand "comprehensive data on the number of cameras and sensors" and "the type of information that is
collected or recorded."
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