Latin America and Caribbean SIG (LACSIG)
Annual Meeting
Thursday, May 28, 2009
3:00 PM to 4:15 PM
The Westin Hotel, San Gabriel A
1. Welcome and Introductions
Sal Carranza Co-Chair
2. Report of 2008 Activities to NAFSA
Sal Carranza
3. Committee breakouts to discuss Goals for 2009
a). Leadership/Advocacy Committee: Christine Wintersteen, co-chair, and Dorothea Antonio.
Possible items for discussion:
 Latin-American and Caribbean presence at NAFSA Exposition Hall.
 Creation of LACSIG Web site.
 Potential presentations at NAFSA from LACSIG members. i.e. How a Latin American
country can organize nationally to promote international education. Examples are AMPEI
(Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional), FAUBAI (Fórum de Assessorias das
Universidades Brasileiras para Assuntos Internacionais) and ProChile.
 Other goals/recommendations.
b). Membership Committee:
Sara Thurston-Gonzalez, (Interim); and Sal Carranza
Possible items for discussion:
 Identify new Membership committee chair.
 Update list of members. And contact info for LACSIG Web site.
 Other goals /recommendations.
c). Study Abroad Committee. Maria Paula Carvajal, Chair
Possible items for discussion:
 Creation of list of study abroad programs in Latin America and the Caribbean to post on
web site.
 Risk management issues in Study Abroad . Identifying safety statistics in Latin America and
compare with other regions, including the United States, for distribution on the SIG
 Creation of World Citizens Guide to Latin America, on Culture, History, Language and
 Other goals/ recommendations.
Committees reports to rest of the group.
5. LAC MIG Social Event. At "CIUDAD" Restaurant from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.
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