Inheritance of anthracnose resistance and allelism studies in the

51º Congresso Brasileiro de Genética
Resumos do 51º Congresso Brasileiro de Genética • 7 a 10 de setembro de 2005
Hotel Monte Real • Águas de Lindóia • São Paulo • Brasil - ISBN 85-89109-05-4
Key words: Colletotrichum lindemuthianum, gene pool,
Mesoamerican resistance gene, Phaseolus vulgaris
Gonçalves-Vidigal, MC; Silva, CR; Gonçalves-Vidigal, P; Vidigal-Filho, PS
Departamento de Agronomia, Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Av. Colombo, 5790, 87020-900, Maringá, PR, Brazil.
Inheritance of anthracnose resistance
and allelism studies in the common
bean cultivar michelite
The objective of this work was to characterize the genetic resistance of Michelite cultivar in relation to
the race 64 of Colletotrichum lindemuthianum. Since Mexico 222 is susceptible to race 64, the inheritance
study was based on the cross between Michelite and Mexico 222. Allelism tests were conducted in 12
F2 populations from crosses between Michelite and cultivars Dark Red Kidney, Perry Marrow, Widusa,
Kaboon, Cornell 49-242, TO, TU, AB 136, PI 207262, BAT 93, AND 277 and Ouro Negro. The
F1 and F2 populations were obtained under greenhouse conditions, and the inoculations were made
in parents, F1, F2 population in all crosses, when the plants presented the first trifoliate leaves well
developed. Visual assessment for symptoms was carried out ten days later after inoculation using a
scoring scale from 1 to 9. The plants with score of 1 and 3 were considered resistant, whereas the
others were susceptible (scores 4 to 9). The segregation of the F2 population from the cross between
Michelite and México 222 was fitted to a ratio of 3R:1S, showing the presence of a dominant gene
in Michelite. In addition, the allelism tests indicated independence of the gene present in Michelite
and the genes Co-1, Co-12, Co-13, Co-14, Co-15, Co-2, Co-4, Co43, Co-5, Co-6, Co-9 and Co-10. The
monogenic inheritance observed in Michelite cultivar, and the independence of this gene with the
ones previously characterized, allow the authors to propose that the anthracnose resistant gene in
Michelite should be designated as Co-11.
Financial Support: Capes and CNPq.
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